I like the p!nk.

I posted this everywhere else, so here goes nothing! If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been posting most of my updates friends only. I have a few family members that have been showing up reading this thing. I do enjoy privacy, as I’m sure most of you do, and this means from unwanted readers.

I got an iPod nano. It goes in my car and plays through a very chic little holder. I love it. Who wants to ride around with my in my PT Bruiser? Yeah yeah, don’t all sign up at once…


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At first I had these stupid pink highlights, but since my hair is so short on top it looked like a hairy pink tarantula had taken up my head for a snoozing spot. So I put more brown dye on it and I have these weird blonde hightlights now. Curses.

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totally gh3y side view.

boyfriend: “i miss you! let’s go out to dinner and a movie! and go to sea world and busch gardens! and drive up the east coast and around new england! and go to london!…i just want to spend time with you!”

I think my boyfriend and I are at the point where we would be very much engaged if it wasn’t for school and money and… well, life in general. I’m not usually a fag like this; I’m being serious here. We want to spend every day together. We aren’t tired of each other if we do. If I don’t see him each day, I feel like my day isn’t finished. I don’t know.

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