How rude!!! Some people!

two days ago i messaged amy and said i needed to use her sewing machine for a huge art project for one day, and that i would return it the next day. she never messaged me back. i telephoned her and even left voice messages. she didn’t return my calls. finally, she answers and says “i’ll call you back.” how suprising – she never did. i called numerous times to no avail. i went to her house and knocked on her door, and all the lights in the house turned off. she never answered the door. i confronted her about it:

Poseur1039: i don’t appreciate how rude you were today.
amy x aimless: i wasn’t rude. i was asleep.
Poseur1039: yeah?
amy x aimless: i don’t appreciate how demanding you are considering it’s something i’m allowing you to borrow.
amy x aimless: yeah.
amy x aimless: back off.
Poseur1039: borrow? no one said you had to let me borrow anything. you’re supposed to be my friend and return calls when you say you will, especially when your friend is in a jam and needs help!
Poseur1039: that was totally lame of you today.
amy x aimless: whatever. i’m sorry that i was asleep.
Poseur1039: and didn’t bother to return my calls??
amy x aimless: i woke up at 12:30!!! i’m sorry that it wasn’t the first thing on my mind
amy x aimless: BACK OFF. seriously. today is SO NOT the day.
Poseur1039: maybe today wasn’t my day either. but if someone calls me, the courteous thing to do is just to ring them or message them back!!
amy x aimless: get off of it. there’s times you aren’nt courteous either. bye.
Poseur1039: yeah, if you say so.
Poseur1039: i’ve been nothing but nice to you; i always listen if you need to talk. i call you and visit you. i’m there for you when eric isn’t. and i don’t appreciate that you are being so rude! i ask for one favor a few days in advance, and you totally blow me off. i’m just saying that i am upset by this, and if you were a friend you’d care.

and obviously, she did not bother to message me back.

what a horrid “friend”! i can’t BELIEVE how selfish and RUDE she is acting. but at the same time, it fails to surprise me in some way.

in other news, i ran out of gas today while turning into the gas station. matty had to push my car to the pump. and then it wouldn’t start. hideous…

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