How now brown cow?

I told my mom about my girl gang of droogies for this Halloween:

MonicaGator: yikes! That is scary! Are you going to prop your eyes open ?
Poseur1039: yeah right! eek no one’s scratching my cornea
MonicaGator: Yeah. You have to carry the music with you! Must have the tunes! Geez, I remember seeing A Clockwork Orange.
Poseur1039: Did you see it right when it came out? or were you too young? You would have been what, 16?
MonicaGator: yes, I had to sneak in! Dad was 17.
Poseur1039: Sneaking in to movies. What is the deal…!

My mom is so funny. She tells me all the scandalous things she’s done after I am done being a teenager.

5 thoughts on “How now brown cow?

  1. Jesus.. of course he did.

    you’re funny, it was good meeting you, really, like bunches and lots
    hope your new hot ass cool mother effin camera is working well

    added you =)

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