Honey, I’m Home!

Yes! I am still alive after my 3,000+ mile move to Minot, North Dakota!

November 29th, I graduated the B-52 student training course and received my A-2 issue brown leather flyer’s jacket. It’s perfect for the -30F temperatures here in Minot…

Things have been so busy lately that I haven’t found time to write much. The new home is great – so great that I’ve been working absolutely non-stop to complete projects like painting, ripping up carpet, unpacking, kitchen renovations… you name it! The move itself consisted of a 17′ trailer with my PT Cruiser towed behind it. Picture Lucy in The Long, Long Trailer; Quite similar, really. While on the trip, I went from Louisiana to Tennessee to pick up an antique (1920s) bedroom set and radio (early 1940s) from my mother. In my home, the badly neglected wooden floors are being fully restored by a craftsman who specializes in historic homes. They’re going to be beautiful again after ninety years of abuse from ugly carpet, naughty pets and cheap varnish. Devin, Larry and I already have two of the chandeliers up in the living room. It looks beautiful even without proper flooring! That’s saying quite a bit!

In other news, my beau, Larry, proposed to me last night at the squadron Christmas party. I accepted, so I suppose this means I am engaged. It’s a beautiful white gold vintage reproduction ring; It looks quite the art deco piece. He picked it out, sized it and it’s perfect. I’m so happy with everything!

Monday I am heading to visit my family near Fort Bragg, North Carolina. I haven’t seen my only sister since last May. This will be the last time I will see her before May 2011. Today I finished the rest of my Christmas cards and made most excellent sugar cookies to the sweet sounds of a floor sander. La dolce vita! & Merry Christmas to everyone. May your 2011 be filled with blessings of peace and charity.

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