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hearing: frank dailey orchestra – there’s everything nice about you

guess what! i am home from the snowy mountains of north carolina. okay, i’ll be honest – i was frozen solid most of the time! the temperature varied quite a bit; it was 14F some of the time, and it climbed to about 50F once. snow is fun for about two minutes and covers the ugly brown ground, however, after staggering through three feet of the stuff, i like it a little bit warmer. but don’t get me wrong, i still detest florida. i’m such a sweet little pessimist!

hristmas came and went. where it went to in such a hurry is still to be debated. i received a rad tiger print footstool from my sister for my new place, (she said it was “when you still had furniture.” gee, thanks, sis!) and ol’ mom and daddo bought me some furniture as well (see farther down). matty’s mom gave me a jazz fake book with over 600 songs in it. ace! i’ll be busy for quite a while there. also, my uncle matthew came to visit me and my family with my cousin, sara. he plays the banjo. download some short clips; see if you can recognize them:

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take it down.

happy new year, everybody. mine can be summed up in the following: talking to people on my phone in a champagne-induced stupor and then waking up with a sore neck and no pants. so without further adieu, let’s do the obligatory review of 2003!

  • learned to cook.
  • got a livejournal.
  • went to prom and was the most glamourous dame there.
  • bobbed my hair.
  • made an eight minute silent film.
  • worked at the 20’s-30’s cafe until i…
  • escaped community college & graduated high school with a 3.6 (in striped stockings, nonetheless).
  • got an apple powerbook G4. became mac snob.
  • got my septum pierced. ouch.
  • was thoroughly disappointed when i didn’t get enough $ to attend flapper fest, but…
  • saw the reverend horton heat instead.
  • bought a new piano (now i have two).
  • became a little more pretentious than i’d admit.
  • drank a little more than i’d admit (tooters!).
  • moved three times.
  • realized what fine feathers care about me for me.

clickit & no ticket.
buckle up for safety.

oh, joy! i am moving again, far, far away from the ghetto. lawdy save your soul if you ever move there. so after some vigorous and exhilarating phone tag, i am moving to a duplex by UCF. the drawback is i have to drive to school, rather than take a shuttle bus, but there are so many +’s it will knock your socks off. i have a very big room (though not nearly enough closet space, of course), a back yard, a superfun kitchen, and i’ll be living in a quiet neighborhood with a room mate (jade) that seems to have it together. she’s getting married soon; so congratulations to her! oh, yeah, who wants to buy me housewarming gifts? i would fancy a new record player…

unholy spirits live outside my window.

“blue plate special all the way, and i don’t want to gum up the works!”

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