holiday jitters

hearing: monster house | feeling: nervous

i am officially homeless! i have packed my things and left the jefferson ghetto. while frantically trying to find a place to live, i have been pretty unsuccessful. one place was a 3 bedroom home, but had two fifty year old ladies who worked all the time and wouldn’t allow guests of any sort. that would never do! all i ask is a two bedroom and two bathroom place near UCF in orlando. this is feeling impossible. so, i am now back home, sleeping on the couch. this two bedroom house is now accommodating five people. that’s two parents, an older sister, me, and hannah (my sister’s newborn). oh, and two crazy loud little dogs.

i love the show “monster house” on discovery. the designers are so creative. i wish they would make me an art deco monster house… well, more like a 20’s speakeasy looking house. that would be so fabulous! they’re making a dinosaur house with fossils and a “volcano lava pool” out back. how fun! i also love how catty the men get when they are mad at each other. but what i don’t get is that show – “monster garage”. matty said they were monster-ing a vintage hearse (like 1950’s), and didn’t finish it in time. they destroyed it! you know, 1950’s hearses don’t exactly grow on trees, assclowns! if they don’t make it in time in the house, they don’t burn it down. totally unfair.

i went to disney’s pleasure island with billie. i danced with this crazy kid that was going all crazy in the 70’s & 80’s club. hey, i have seen saturday night fever a few too many times, too, yanno. he’s a maniac, maniac, on the floor…

yesterday i went to my uncle’s christmas choral concert. when i arrived, i saw they were also singing with a flute orchestra! i have never heard of a flute orchestra before. there were piccolos, normal flutes, flutes shaped like J’s, and one 6 foot high bass flute that sounded like a cello. if you’d like to hear a little bit of them, click here. want to hear the choir? click here.

church windows

today, i rolled out of bed around noon, and matty and i hatched a plan to go shopping. we ended up dining out first, and taking our time to get to the shopping mall. we get so silly together – he is my best pal ever! that must sound so lame. but he is definately the apple of my eye! …the CANDY apple, that is. yum.

all we found was a hellboy comic, and i bought a jean shirt with pink flowers embroidered for my cousin.

cara called me after i was done shopping, and wanted to go bowling. luckily, i was wearing my gaudy, ugly bowling shirt! i racked up 84 in the first game, and 75 in the next. i really stink at bowling. but don’t tell anyone…

the new peter pan movie comes out christmas day. i think it’s just an excuse to remake hook with crappy CG effects. i’ll just enjoy the disney version. hook was just too cool in that movie.

there’s a tunak on tv, but he’s driving a red jetta.

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