ho hum, a look backwards.

oh geez. look how goddamn cute i was. makes me feel really sad. but then again, everything makes you feel sad at four in the morning.

i miss my old room… the walls were covered with photographs and all around badass zine clippings and flyers from shows.

a drawing from matthew of what my halloween costume should look like in 2000.

i miss them as a couple.

i used to be so cute. gawd.

this went on the wall in english class, and classes to this day still see this vulgarity disguised as our project.

the fact that this photo is “jenn and mooch”. i forgot dave went by “mooch”. he was the coolest nirvana lovin’ kid i’d ever met.

me and matthew’s first dance. we went as rudies.

(journal entry 5.11.01)
whee today was stephanie’s lil get together. before that, i got my form notarized so i could go to EPCOT on saturday! yay for educational field trips on SATURDAY! anyways, i got to steph’s about 6pm. kelly and rose were already there. aww i felt so welcomed. we hung out for like, an hour, and then becky showed up. how cute. and of course, i tried on steph’s naughty school grrl dress, because i like the way my boobs fit in it. hmm, i like them…and and..eh…okay! so moving on, gaymarket and dom showed up around 8, and we hung out inside because the pool was freezing! but eventually i made it all the way in after much dancing around the shallow end and clawing and choking matthew. i was wearing the ugly rainbow bikini…my mom’s from the 80’s! yay for 80’s! finally, i had to go around 10.30pm, to get my sleep for epcot!

and there you have it. a walk back in time. i have to say my first two years of high school were spectacular. last two? shit. no offense to anyone i had met after then, but you just didn’t know me before. i miss everything about everything. i feel awkwardly out of place wherever i go – i still don’t know where i belong.

4 thoughts on “ho hum, a look backwards.

  1. Bah!

    You are just as cute now.
    You have a boyfriend who is totally into you (and likewise).
    You are just starting at a univeristy, so its going to take a little while for you to meet people you “fit” with, but you will meet people.
    You have a friends who is moving out here who you are going to get to live with and have fun times with.

    Everything is not as bad as you make it out to be 🙂


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