Hey – Listen Up!

A vase of flowers magically fell over onto my computer, including the water, in my car… so here I am at the Cocoa library. Big pimpin’. I probably won’t be able to get to any of your entries because the LCD screen on my apple is very low. Let’s hope it feels better soon, or I’ll be out a lot of money! Hope all is well with everyone hearts; … I think the MySpace withdrawls are already setting in..

I need plans for the weekend. Let’s go, people! Ya’ll slack-a-lackin’.

Pee Ess – Concert Update:

01/16 – Rod Stewart!
01/26 – The Queers!
02/07 – Less Than Jake!
02/10 – Billy Joel!

EDIT: The only casualty of the flora was the mouse track pad! But I have a wireless mouse I plugged in I’m good to go! YES!

16 thoughts on “Hey – Listen Up!

  1. ps.

    the angle on that model is nasty.

    what is WRONG WITH HER HAIR!? is that a wig?

    man.. some of these models… they are better looking than hot topic’s though.

  2. i was sad i couldn’t take that painting home, that’s all.

    hey, a dorky haircut that has promise to grow out is better than brillo head.

    yes! it’s green the hottest of all the colors available!

    pictures? try GOTHICSLUTSDOTCOM

    just kidding.

  3. aawww

    Well this weekend Im gettin new specs so I will be in MI around noonish I’ll give you a call hopefully you wont be working Im thinking I could find a way to entertain ya for a lil bit and the whole vase falling over thing you dont have to hide it your cool guy was probably trying to exorsist the hot demons out of it hehe. Hope all returns to norm I love nano tech hehe well off to Rush.

    • You know, Nerie. You always put things into perspective … & that’s a very good point.

      My aunt insisted I transport these flowers she was given to both French class & all the way home. The seat belt was not, however, invented & fine tuned for vases. Just like how computers weren’t fine tuned for aquatics.

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