hereeeee’s johnny!

amy’s pajama pants are an enigma. are they capris with a high waist? or are they ghetto-fabulous pants?

this weekend could be a repeat of pleasure island, with boyfriends this time. now THAT’s a novel idea!

the internet is still not hooked up in my new place, you’ll have to excuse the lack of updates. but, i have a few over at my site if you want a recap of my trip, in the archives.

i love miss nerie. she wants to do a photo shoot with me! i am so excited i just might die. dye. die.

and lastly… bought a few new cd’s, including “flappers, vamps, and sweet young things“; it’s marvelous!

so here i sit at amy’s apartment, jacking HER internet for once! and she’s studying so i’m gonna jet!

10 thoughts on “hereeeee’s johnny!

  1. i just can’t decide. i’ve been standing in front of a mirror all night… i think i’m going to just cut off part of the waist and call them capris.

    yay for jacking my internet. you’re welcome anytime, even when i’m reading 2 million pages on ethics.

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