here we go

hearing: reverend horton heat – crooked cigarette | feeling: sleepy

do you know what book i just remembered — “the very hungry caterpillar”, a book i always wanted and checked out from the library, but never actually had bought for me. it was so adorable, what with all the leaves and holes.

thirty one months and two days. that’s a very long time. thirty one months. since i have a calculator here in front of me, that’s approximately 930 days. that’s 22,320 hours. that’s 1,339,200 minutes. that’s crazy.

last night i went out with matthew to dinner, and saw a movie with josh and his girlfriend after. i keep forgetting her name, so i’ll just call her… joshina. anyway, joshina has bihawks but i’ve never seen them up. joshina has a chin spike; and it doesn’t look pukey like it does on most gals. joshina and josh wear the exact same clothes. joshina was nothing but nice, i suppose. she smiles a lot. god, i am just awful with names. it’s embarrassing. i’ll meet someone and i’ll hear the name, and it will disappear from my head within two seconds. no kidding.

and after we saw anger management, i argued with matthew about going to a shindig at billie’s friend rhonda’s house. near to every party he has ever attended, i was not there. he got jealous cos’ i wanted to go to a girl’s house with a couple of her girlfriends. hm. but! billie told me later that the happening was already over. we met nick at denny’s and laid down on the beach.

the beach was so peaceful. it looked fake, the stars did. the way it all looked, the horizon and the ocean — looked like i was trapped in one of those snow globes, with stars instead of little fake snow bits littering the sky. i thought about how i’m leaving merritt island (hopefully forever), and what life was going to be like in an actual city. it scared me a bit, but i consider myself to be a pretty independent person. i’ll get along. with or without help. and… we hung out at this somewhat scummy hotel.

jenny came into the cafe today, and she was hussing so bad her dress exploded. well, the strap fell off of her dress.

the silent film is in .mpeg format and is 40mb. i will transfer it from my aunt’s computer as soon as i can get over there — and if i have enough space to host such a large file. does anyone know where i can snag a free account to store such a monstrosity? i’d appreciate the help.

a little over a month until the big bad voodoo daddy show. matty said somebody said it was going to be a big swing dance basically, but with a live band. it’s at the house of blues in orlando. and am i excited? oh am i? YES!

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