nyah nyah i saw hellboy three days early! and let me tell you, it was the best movie. ever.

i stood in line for about an hour to get into the movie (which was free, to boot). the place was thick with d&d gamers and sci-fi kids. when the doors finally opened, matty i got great seats. a half hour later, the film started. it was so great i almost died. everything was done so well, down to the CG crap. the acting was super, everything was ubercreepy, and i was scared a few times (diving into matty’s shoulder).

no complaints here, hellboy was aces, right up there with dawn of the dead. maybe even better? well it did have some humor… so GO SEE THIS MOVIE. especially if you like weird gas masks like me and scary makeup like matty, oh and russian things. and hot nazi woman uniforms. and stitched up people. i want to carry around a big gun and be a total badass and get all the chicks. oh wait…

so in conclusion: just, whoa!

ps – special thanks to jesse for the passes. you are the keenest.

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