Hee hee.

Poseur1039: i am about to take myself on a hot date to carabba’s and the movies.
PandoraLydia: neat
Poseur1039: later i might get in my pants, so cross your fingers.
PandoraLydia: LOL

9 thoughts on “Hee hee.

  1. and now that i am their age, i just roll my eyes and chuckle, because SG is supposed to showcase interesting, alternative girls. instead, they just group together all these “alternative” girls and now they all look the same. fun.

  2. I understand your logic

    We date people that are like us that also can complete us but at the sme time thinking about what can compete us actually alters our personality so hence we change and now we act and are like the people we like so does that mean when you as another human being out your actually asking yourself out ?? I think you have succefully found the answer Take yourself out wohoo your the genius now skipp all that getting to know you stuff lol
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