happy thoughts

today was a relatively good day, not as bad as most of mine. i guess since i had a horrible, awful day yesterday, everyone should be entitled to an easier day, even me.

after school, jen elliott told me about a suprise “party” for amy at barnes and noble (i swear, i end up there at least once a day!). so we decided to go. i invited matt too. so i show up a half hour late (working at the restaurant), and i see jen looking all sad outside. she said no one has shown up, and they decided to move the party to anna’s house. great. so we call up glenn and he says he isn’t “allowed” to go to anna’s, based on their current feelings for each other. how could anyone not like glenn?

anyways, he shows up and we hang out for another half hour waiting for matt. we went to eat at some gross pizza place where jen works. but what ruined the day a little is, well, it sounds so dumb. i just feel like the only way to make my boi happy is .. you know. and that made me really sad. but i guess we talked it out..sort of. kinda. i dunno. but anyways, we bought the latest issue of fhm, the highly sexist men’s magazine! but it has a great section this month: 50 ways to turn her on.

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