Happy 2011!

It seems that I am settled here in the Great White North, or the “Northern Tier” as they call it. I’m staying put for a couple months and am really looking forward to completing all the home projects I’ve started.

I went to my sister Brittany’s for Christmas this year, as she and her husband bought a new home about six months ago. My parents live about four hours from her, so it made travel easier for everyone to have the holidays there. Unfortunately, she got a little ill a couple days before Christmas, as it seems everyone does when they work really hard to make an occasion nice. Luckily, she felt much better after some rest and the holidays continued. I also met my newest niece, Kate, who is six months old.

Brittany was in charge of her church’s Christmas Eve service music, as she attends a more contemporary church with a live band. A bunch of the musicians had to cancel, including the piano player, so I stepped in and volunteered my services. Everything went well, and… the holidays continued. Christmas itself was very pleasant; Larry and I had a lot of visiting time with both my nieces. Unfortunately, I was caught in that blizzard of the South that delayed flights two days. No big deal, though.

Returning home, I set right to work on house projects, including wall paper peeling, wall spackling, paint peeling, trim paining, and unpacking. I had the original wood floors refinished and stained while on vacation, so that was finished when I returned.

The weather has been snowy here in Minot, and I don’t really mind it… yet. I am armed with my parka and driving like a gramma, so I am all set!

Lastly, wedding plans are in full swing. I booked the venue, the swing/jazz band, got my dress on custom order (think Jean Harlow in Dinner at Eight), picked my bridesmaids and their gowns, and sent out seventy save the dates (that I designed). I also designed my invitations and need to get someone to letterpress them on nice paper. Not too bad for just a couple weeks of planning?

The honeymoon, we’ve decided, will be a week-long trans Atlantic cruise on the Queen Mary II from New York City to Hamburg, Germany. We will spend a week in Germany and Austria. We’re also going to take that The Sound of Music sightseeing tour in Salzburg. This is slated for June.

& now, my 2010 year in review in bullet form for space considerations:


  • Attended the Air Force Survival Evasion Resistance Escape (SERE) school. Lived in the wilderness for five days in four feet of snow with an eighty pound pack. Spent thirty six hours as a prisoner of war. Helicopter hoist!


  • Attended Air Force Water Survival school. Went parasailing 500′ and parachuted into 54F water. Ocean helicopter hoist!
  • Moved from San Antonio, Texas to Shreveport, Louisiana.



  • Started B-52 training at Barksdale AFB to become a radar navigator (bombardier)



  • Got my assignment to Minot, ND.



  • Flew down to Florida for my sister’s baby shower.



  • Spent a fantastic 25th birthday weekend in Dallas, TX
  • My niece Kate is born
  • First flight in the B-52H



  • Painted a commissioned portrait



  • Shot my new Walther .22 pistol for the first time!



  • Flew to Minot, ND to look at homes for purchase. Made an offer.
  • Promoted to first lieutenant
  • Me & Larry’s two year anniversary



  • Acted in a Squadron Murder Myster, won best actress!



  • Passed my first B-52 check ride
  • Became an official homeowner
  • Certified to drop conventional bombs in the B-52



  • Moved to Minot, ND after a 3,000+ mile journey
  • Got engaged to Larry


“It was a toss up between whether I go in for diamonds or sing in the choir. The choir lost.”
&nbsp    – Mae West, She Done Him Wrong

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  1. Holy cow! I need to backtrack your blog now because I read that you are engaged! Also I’d like to pick your brain regarding invitations. I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to do these myself and I like your letterpress idea but I need to learn how to do it. lease email me at sddege@gmail.com or aim me, you have my sn. iss you and Congratulations!!!

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