saratoga (1937)

Just a photo I colorized.

wish i had cliff edwards just lying around to serenade me.

11 thoughts on “Handcolored.

  1. Usually I hate colorized photographs, because they can look so garish. But this one is so subtle and pretty! Beautiful work!

    And Cliff Edwards is wonderful. Once again, your musical taste succeeds in making me smile like nobody’s business.

    • Thanks, usually the do like out of hand with the colors… but i wanted it to be very subtle. i love picking out the colors for people’s hair and clothing and makeup! i think jean looks the best!

    • “we want rosie…so you know why i’m feelin so lost, i was broke since the day i was born! and the reason why i’m in such a fix, is that men and horses don’t mix! so, women, take a tip and recognize, the horse with the dreamy eyes!” ♥

  2. Good lord! That colourisation is so subtle I hardly noticed it! I like it though!!

    When I colourise pics from old movies I tend to make them look obviously tacky and cartoonish! I love my bright colours!

  3. I bet you can tell me the name of this silent film I saw a long time ago, about this boy who goes to college, striving to be the man on campus, but ends up looking like an idiot. It was really adorable. I would IMDB it, but I don’t have any information about it.

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