halloween photographs.

since everyone’s been posting halloween pictures, i thought i’d bore you with mine. everyone else’s were so much cooler!

darth vs. hellboy at universal’s halloween horror nights

hellboy looking sexxx.

hellraiser shiksas.

me & ash at sci-fi city. my shirt says “sinema”. i was a cecil b. demented sprocket hole.

okay i lied. i really didn’t have a costume this year. saturday night, matty and i whipped up a priest and catholic school girl outfit from pieces in my closet. that was it i suppose? i did lend a lot of costumes (as usual), including pieces for a naughty nurse and a drag queen.

today i am getting my bob cut again – it’s all ratty and unclean looking. boo!

3 thoughts on “halloween photographs.

  1. it would have been cooler if i was in the pictures. maybe we can get some screen captures from the surveillance cameras of me sitting in the front rapid dialing you and matty.

    i love the first picture of matty. what a hottie.

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