Half-assed Update.

Blame my lack of updates on me feeling like this lately:


Last night I watched Diabolik. The leading lady, Marisa Mell, made me feel like a hideous toad with her insane 1960’s hotness. Okay hair, grow long like, now, so I can be a superspy / Bond girl. Thanks.

Family rolls into town tomorrow. At least they’ll be people to talk to; it’s really lonely here. I might be down in Florida as early as the 29th to help my sister move to Orlando. What I’ll be doing in Florida for three weeks is beyond me, honestly. Working at the shop, perhaps. I could really use the money.

18 thoughts on “Half-assed Update.

  1. heeee!!!
    i have had the exact same haircut except my longer bits were pink!
    of course, i think it is fabulous!
    went to halowe’en party as tankgirl that year, too!
    i had a boyfriend who had dreads and he let me put them in bunches so they were like kangaroo’s ears ;P

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