hair die

yesterday my sister came home from college. after matty gave me a ride home, we jetted to the library to meet john. he wasn’t there, so we waited around a half hour. i wanted to get a library card, but i’m not 18 so they wouldn’t let me! 🙁 how dumb! well, we left about the time john got there, he told me later. oh well, another time i guess.

well when i got home, (again) me and my sister and my dad went to chilis for dinner..but it was too crowded. we then went to olive garden. after we finished eating, my boy and his family walked in. they were taking his grandma out for her 82nd birthday. how cute. after dinner, i picked up a box of hair colour, my roots are all grown in and stuff. so i dyed it dark brown (but no one has noticed today yet) oo oo! today i get my pretty new haircut and the christmas banquet is tonight! josh and matty are gonna go too! so me and carl and jamie and matty and josh will have a grand old time! 🙂

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