Went to my fourth GWAR show tonight at the Orlando House of Blues. Fucking fantastic show, of course, and as usual. Tonight they ripped apart Dick Bush, Michael Jackson (I think they ALWAYS do ol’ Jacko), ripped off Sharon Osbourne’s tits (cos’ they were pissed Ozz Sharon never let them on Ozzfest), and also killed the nazi pope. The show was all aces. Oderus kicks so much ass I think I soiled myself. His wangjuice totally splashed me IN DA FACE!

note my uber hot GWAR necklace; just some of the swag from the show. I also got a tank top.. and a Hellboy comic figure from Virgin Megastore. Sweet!

oh yeah, and here’s a photo of me NOT looking like a fucking retard (i think):

img src=”” border=”1″
wait, correction, i look greasy and disgusting!!! who wants to fry an egg on my forehead?

4 thoughts on “GWARRRRRRRR!!!!!!!

  1. you kids are the cutest couple i’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.

    here’s to 3 more… and 3 more… and 3 more… and yea.

    we’ll party it up and celebrate in style tonight. congrats!


    I had such a wonderful time at the party! Halloween kicked some Tooter’s ass!! Everything was so amazing. Thank you, Beautiful!

  3. congrats!!

    eww tooters, yay anniversary…

    good for you guys! and good luck for the future as well…

    the party was fun, Brenna… i hope the leftover mess wasn’t too much

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