eek! last night i went to see gwar at the house of blues! i went with john, matt, chuck, alex, and some afi kid. john was going on and on about how pretty i was and it made me feel so nice. after we finally left, we got lost getting there because boys don’t stop to ask directions. when i got to the door, everyone went in except me and matty and the house of blues guy that was frisking me for weapons told me my spiked bracelet had to go. *shrugs* so we went back to the car for a half hour. when we got back to the door of the show, gwar was coming on stage in like, 10 minutes! (what timing!)

i only knew “gor-gor”, “bloody mary”, and “sick of you” (that i could recognize) and the rest of the songs were from “violence has arrived”, their new album. so i didn’t know most of the songs. what sucked was there was no techno-destructo, no morality squad, no slymenstra, no sleazy, and no sexecutioner! so it wasn’t the best gwar show, but they did disembowel osama bin laden and george w. bush. the best part was when oderus was almost getting eaten by gor-gor. oh, the blood and green liquids was such warm and relaxing fun!

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