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i am now officially finished with high school. graduation was last night, and what a night it was! yesterday morning, after the rehearsal, matthew got in a car accident. he’s all right, and so are those who were in the other car. let’s just say it was his fault, and he’s very upset about it. what a lousy start to gradution day!

i visited him later after i went out for a quick lunch, but i don’t think it helped cheer him up much. the graduation ceremony was humiliation-free, and they even pronounced my name correctly. later, the school put on this all-night extravaganza called “project graduation”. it was basically a way to corral us up so that nobody would drink, drive, and get killed. after more attempts at cheering up the old chap, me and the boy headed over at 11pm.

it was held at merritt island’s wonderfully seedy bowling alley. forty lanes of bowling (a new personal high score of 98), door prizes, and a lot of food was present. in the end, i managed to go home with a brand new vcr. matthew went home with twenty five dollars (it was fifteen to get in to the place) and a lousy ten dollar gift certificate to smoothie king. we hate smoothies. but i’m happy with my prize because i needed one for my apartment anyway. i’m too lazy to upload photos at this moment, but i was all over the free play arcade games, especially galaga photos will be added later.

tonight, i made it a turner classic movie night. first, i watched i’m no angel (mae west, cary grant 1933). in this film, west is a lion tamer who, through her unsurpassed charm, sees men fall for her. after, i watched a documentary about the strict enforcement of the hollywood “decency” code for movies, the hayes code.

the documentary was called “complicated women”. it addressed how the careers and lives of women actresses changed, both on and off the screen after restrictions were placed on movies. before, it was amazing to see powerful working women, flirty golddiggers, uninhibited sexually, prostitutes working their way up the corporate ladder, and quick-witted (and sharp-tongued!) showgals. and they did it all with style!

after the code was enacted, however, instead we see housewives and a lot of knitting. the on-screen roles of women went from high-profile CEO’s to shy secretaries. talk about regressing. imagine where we would be today if women’s lib was 35 years early. and in a way it was, but only for a short while.

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