today was a good day, for the most part. when my mind wasn’t wistful and wandering, i was appreciating things around me. “something” was making me miss ninth grade, and what could have happened differently and how i could have been different. hm, well after school, glenn and halie and i went to applebee’s. glenn treated us to dinner! let’s just say i don’t think highly of hailie at all.

after that, halie had to get to her play she was putting on called ‘mikado’, which we were going to attend later. we went to barnes and noble and discussed our favourite books and authors. how intellectual! so i agreed to read his favourite book if he would read my favourite book. i’m not sure we’re into the same style (hesse vs. saligner), but hm, a book is a book to read.

after that, we went to the play. it was cute, all japanese-like. i was supposed to meet matt at 9.30 to hang out, and he showed up with jill and joe and eric. he said there was a party at marci’s, so we walked across the street to her house. stephanie, kelly, alex, dave were there and it was a little drunken get together. we started to watch strangeland, but i got sick to my stomach over it and left.

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