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hearing: bjork – it’s oh so quiet | mood: jazzy

i’ll meet you in the street… today is wednesday, and that means no more ugly college courses until monday! no more horrible algebra until tuesday! with that out of the way, i can celebrate and enjoy the rest of my week.

the lady that’s supposedly doing my hair for homecoming told me two weeks ago to come in to “see my hair”. i’m hoping my bangs will grow an inch overnight so i can have spooky bangs for the event. there’s nothing quite like a trashy saloon hussy with spooky bangs! …coming to a redneck school dance near you! i hope they play something other than one type of music. i’m not looking forward to being able to count the excited boys on the dance floor when their girl friends head over for a pepsi. mm, sweaty, excited, pre-pubescent boys. i can’t wait.

i heard there was a fight at the last jock-o-rama, and the 7 periods kiddies won’t have a pep rally this friday. i kind of liked being on pep rally schedule and getting out of class 30 minutes earlier for my dual enrollment. ooo, leavin the school at 12.45 like the badass i am. oh well, it really doesn’t bother me that much.

my new skirt came in the mail. $24 on ebay.

Poseur1039: yeah and it stands out 50000 feet!!
Moleman500: No it does not!

hah, yes it does. or i would like to think so. it’s a wonderful skirt and i might go as a princess for halloween and wear it. do you have any ideas for what i could do with it for halloween?

today something inside told me something wasn’t quite right. i get jealous so easily, and when your boyfriend has pictures of other women and sketches them, but hasn’t ever sketched you, jealousy shows up. i hate the fact that… oh, i don’t know. i just feel inadequate whenever i’m around him. on the other hand, i just feel nervous and have butterflies when i’m around him, but it’s a shame i’ll never see him again. stupid high school obsessions. i’m counting the days ’til graduation.

whoops! i just found out that my van isn’t insured. move it or lose it, buster! i guess the thought of me tearin’ it up down courtenay in my big, huge van isn’t scary enough to insure. i want to get some leopard or exotic fabric to line the ceiling in my van with. i’d secure it with push pins. too bad i’m broke! i’d love to decorate it, hardcore.

oh, how i want to swing dance! won’t you be my partner tonight? i don’t know why, but i want her to be it this time. i want to go somewhere where i can dress up and get some respect. ha ha, that’s funny.

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