Get Me Up North!

What a week! I had a night flight on Thursday evening and everyone asks if it was any different with no sunlight. I told them it’s still green and black out: my offense compartment in the jet is equipped with a radar scope, infrared camera and zero windows. Rumor has it this next week is going to be ten times more brutal. & I believe it, with two simulator missions and a flight, all in four days. And being that after the flight I have a three hour drive to Dallas for an awfully early commercial flight the following morning up North… Nothing on earth quite wears you out mentally and physically like a flight on the blessed B-52!

As mentioned, I’m flying commercial up to Minot, ND at six am this Friday. I arrive at ten thirty am, then will tour houses the remainder of the day with my realtor. Larry will join the party and arrive at ten thirty pm. The weather will be fantastic; highs in the seventies and lows in the fifties. Quite a change from Shreveport, where everyday peaks at ninety eight or so. I’m really looking forward to moving and buying my historic dream home. I had three “winners” handpicked, but two of them sold after being on the market for only one week! Just to jinx it, the three that I’m most excited about currently are posted at the bottom of this entry. The newest home was built in 1929, on the left.

Last night I went to a friend’s birthday party at a restaurant. After, we headed downtown to a casino that I wanted to check out. Online, it looked as if it had a very nice lounge with quiet conversation space. However, when we arrived, there was a terrible 1980s cover band playing rather loudly, too loud for conversing. The bouncer was extremely rude to me, and to gain access to the club on the lower level, there was actually a line. The patrons were decked out in their finest torn jeans, t-shirts, and “Tap Out” baseball caps. Because I don’t wait in lines to clubs, I made a hasty exit. I felt really out of place.

This week is going to be a bear, but the best I can do is take it one step at a time. I’m reviewing JASSM and JDAM procedures all week. Hopefully I’ll have some energy left to enjoy the upcoming trip North. I’ve packed my new Jeppesen flight bag as a carry on and am ready to get out of Louisiana!

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