Funny Men

This past week was pretty laid back, and that’s the first time I’ve said that in… well, I can’t remember! I sent out one hundred wedding invitations to their respective owners, all addressed by hand. I think my penmanship has greatly improved, and especially toward the end of the line. My apologies to the earlier addressed invite recipients; it may or may not look like a kindergarten class helped.

Last night, Amie, Devin and I drove down south to New Town, ND to see the comedian Rob Schneider at an Indian casino. I’m a big fan of his delightful film “The Hot Chick”, as well as the “Deuce Bigalow” films. We all hoped his stand up comedy was just as silly and fun. Upon arrival to the casino, it was a sea of slouchy hoodies, jeans, and flip flops. One girl literally had pajama pants on. Even the casinos down in Shreveport had a snappy dresser or two! And then I witnessed why: evidently you had to pay an extra five dollars to have a back on your chair for the show. Yes, the event was held in little more than a high school gymnasium, and we were sitting on bleachers. After a couple drinks, the comfort level rose significantly and the show was quite enjoyable. Rob Schneider is one short dude! After the show, I made a beeline over to the security guards and inquired if Rob would be signing autographs. The answer was no, so we headed out to the casino floor. Pausing by the roulette table, a short Mexican man said security was looking for me. Evidently Rob was posing for photos, so I bypassed the 150+ people in line and was immediately let back stage. Rob exclaimed “Wow, someone actually dressed up!” I guess our photo will be on the casino’s Facebook page in a few days. Kinda neat! It was a fantastic time, though, it really was.

I got quite a few things accomplished around the house the past couple weeks. In fact, I’ll show you photos of it instead of just rambling. Before and after!

Well, I’ve decided to donate some art to the upcoming Air Force Officer’s Spouse’s auction. I am going to do three 16″x20″ pin-up girl paintings. If this bomber squadron is worth their salt, they’ll bid away on our heritage! I really wish the Air Force would stop being scared of nose art and bring it back. Perhaps when I’m a General… Ha! Yeah… Anyway, I’ll post ’em when I’m finished. I’m going to make a portfolio site for them in hopes of obtaining a side racket of sorts!

In other good news, I received my very first wedding gifts: Lenox china in “Vintage Jewel”. These fantastic presents were given to me by my grandmother, her husband and my parents. Eight breathtaking place settings!

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  1. The classiest wedding gift we received was the fabulous Pilsner glasses from you and Mr. Dicks; glad to see you’re getting your share of the ‘kickass China’ karma!
    Also, excellent work on the living room! It looks so much more open now!

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