For Nerds Only.

All this History Channel Star Wars goodness has prompted me to dive into my Tales of the Jedi, Fall of the Sith Empire again.

… did you hear about KotOR III? It’s supposedly coming out for the 360 (so they say, but that does make sense), but it’s also been said it was due out last year. Some even worse rumors are flying around that it’s going to be a MMORPG. Last time I checked, that’s the purpose of SW Galaxies. Personally, I don’t want to “subscribe” to anything, and with the last two KotOR titles, they’ve been your traditional RPGs. Don’t change the format two releases into a successful franchise.

So I don’t know what to believe about the upcoming game. Ah, internets: teh rumor millz.

4 thoughts on “For Nerds Only.

  1. haha yeah right before he was carried off by michael jackson

    “i’m too old for you!”

    the harry potter was so adorable! i loved all the costumes… especially paris. “hot!”

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