Food & New Friends.

First and most importantly:

Congratulations, Billie on your recent engagement! I know you and the mister will be very happy starting a new chapter in your life together.

Right now I’m in North Carolina, visiting mes parents. The first few days were freezing (okay, like high of 60F) but the past couple days have been very nice, for your humble Floridian narrator (high 80F). I don’t know how I am going to actually survive anywhere but Florida, weather-wise. As much as I complain about the heat, I like the sunshine 364 days of the year. I also like the humidity in secret, it sure beats dry skin. But moving on.

What a beautiful lake… with a power plant.

My mom always has connections to food distributors, Sysco, since she’s had a restaurant, bed & breakfast, etc. This week was the regional food show… think Megacon but for food. You can swagger around the convention center and sample anything from chicken fingers to taquitos to prime rib. Oh yes, don’t forget the chocolate. In fact, at this coffee stand booth, I was the only person to guess the “mystery drink”: Chai. C’mon people, how backwoodsy are you if you don’t know what chai tastes like! I guess I really am the typical, pretentious college-aged Starbucks rat. Yeah, I know you all call me “miss_pretentious” when I’m not in earshot! It’s fitting, perhaps!

So I met my mom’s food supplier at the food show in Charlotte, NC; Howard was very friendly. He got me & my parents a free hotel room and offered me my own. I should have taken him up on it because I met some very nice boys from Asheville later in the evening…

View from the hotel room window. Next door you could see rows of desks and cubicles. Some were messy, some were neat.

After the eat-a-thon at the convention center, there was going to be a swanky after-party. My parents are awful at downtown driving. We had to venture into downtown Charlotte to find our hotel. Most of you know how downtown cities are mostly one-way streets with a lot of pedestrians. There were a few mopeds, bikes and compact cars. We came down from “the hills” in a huge pick-em-up truck. They were curb driving, almost running into oncoming cars when they made turns. Also, they kept missing the hotel so we drove around the blocks about twenty times. Meanwhile, my mom is yelling about how she hates traffic and yelling about how obnoxious everything was. It really wasn’t, and they were freaking out about getting into the parking garage. The hotel staff said they saw us drive by a million times and drive up on the curb a few times. Mortifying.

To the party at the Omni Hotel, I wore this shirt and a black knee-length skirt with cute, white wedges. Yeah, I know you like the way the L.A.M.B. is goin’ crossed my shirt.

Anyway, when we strolled into the lobby for the party, it was an open bar for beer & wine (flippin’ sweet). Also, there were beautiful ice sculptures and everything ranging from sushi to Kobe beef to oysters and lobster. I wasn’t very hungry after the grazing all day, unfortunately. After about two hours, I went downstairs and outside to get some fresh air.

There was this hippie bellydancing drum circle.

I was one of the youngest ladies there, because mostly everyone there was a restaurant owner or kitchen manager. I ran into our food representative Howard & he leaped at the chance to grab me a beer. He said he’d meet me outside, and I headed outside to listen to the music. When I walked outside, I heard some guys say, “Hey! There she is again.”

I sat down on the marble fountain wall and waited for the guy to meet me. A tattooed, shaved head boy (who I would later know as Drew) walked up and sat right down next to me. He introduced himself and asked why I was sitting all by myself. I answered that everyone here is kind of, well, stuffy and old and I was just enjoying listening to the hippie music, which I preferred over the hired band upstairs. I was glad to meet someone friendly. Anyway, he said I looked cool so he wanted to come over and say hi. He told me that when he and his friends walked by one of the bars upon their arrival, these two frat boys in polo shirts said, “Who let the bikers in?” Snark. Ugh, whatever!

So Drew owns his own bar in downtown Asheville; I have been looking to make some friends in Asheville. They brought a ton of “commercial interest drink” so we went up to their room to hang out for a little bit. Drew had his own room… lucky. Wish I was traveling solo! So after everyone followed the direction of the newfound joint (out of the non-smoking room), we all headed out to the rooftop pool to chill for a little while. All the guys were all really funny and easy to talk to; me Asheville Drew exchanged numbers so we can hang out sometime when I’m up here again. He’s pretty cute – Oo la la! I love meeting new people, especially cute boys from Asheville that own their own downtown bars! Sweet!

I am heading home to Cocoa on Cinco de Mayo! I will be secretly sort of happy to get back to the gross, sweaty weather, the old people, the morons and the water. I’m no beach bum, but I do miss the copious amounts of water where I live. Plus… almost two weeks of celibacy is more than I can handle.


In other news, Orlando boy texted me the first time since our incident. I was polite, but I said it would be better if we didn’t hang out again. No hard feelings.

Tijuana Flats + Spiderman III on Saturday. Sunday I have my cousin’s uber-swank graduation she-bang at the Capital Grille on International Drive in Orlando. I’ve decided my graduation party will be at the Chart House. Can’t wait! ♥ … Monday is back to work. Wednesday is Gwen Stefani!

Lastly, I am looking to get my private pilot’s license this summer. You know this will be me, complete with purse hanging from controls:

Drew said female pilots are “really hot.” Well, duh! Jet girl anyone? ♥

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