Food Matters

INTROSPECTION. — I am always thinking of good things to write; writing things I won’t say, in my head. Things in the world are crazy right now, and sometimes you feel helpless about it, you know? Especially because if I want to keep track of all my thoughts and make sense of things, they cannot be published online. It’s difficult to not receive that extra leg up or insight about the busyness going through your mind, dozens of times per day through the sanity of the online community. Not sure if sanity and online community has ever been used in the same sentence to date, but I’m all for shaking things up. But enough boring crap: onward…

Being out of an artistic community or circle makes it extremely difficult to stay connected and motivated. If anyone would like to send an “inspiration care package”, I’d love to exchange one with you. Comment and we’ll make it happen.

BAA. — I’ve been watching a few good food documentaries lately. One was called Forks Over Knives and the other, Veganomics. I liked the latter best; it addresses the innumerable health benefits of a plant-based diet with scientific facts. I eat chicken or fish very rarely, about once in a couple weeks. Otherwise, I’m considered pescetarian. Recently, I’ve picked up a couple good cookbooks for plant-based eating.

  • Forks Over Knives: The Cookbook – Also a pushy, yet informative, vegan documentary of the same name featuring your usual roll of slaughterhouse footage. Can’t stomach it? Then don’t eat it.


  • Vegan With A Vengeance – Marketed as a punk title, it claims it was born in a “post-punk kitchen.” Whatever that means. Is she not punk anymore? Is she just over punk in general? I would hope any kitchen would be “post-punk”. Nobody likes unwashed kitchen towels and fleas in their gluten-free pudding. But hey, you know they have a good supply of bleach, whether for cleaning, hair, or clothing.



  • Williams-Sonoma Vegetarian – It’s unmistakable: I’m keeping it classy up in this bitch. When I need some plant-based crumpets or sawdust-textured biscotti, I know what to reach for.


… and now, for no real reason, a photo of my dogs and Larry looking like a greasy hipster who is both a user and abuser of the above cookbooks.

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