I got a new camera! Thank goodness, for my last one was stolen. Here are some pictures I took tonight before I went out to dinner.

17 thoughts on “Finally!

  1. You have PERFECT eyebrows. I always thought so, but they look especially stunning in these photographs.

    My first digital camera was stolen, too! Like you, I elected to replace mine as soon as possible…but not without much angry grumbling. Camera thieves deserve a special kind of painful punishment. Did you lose many pictures that you cared about?

    • haha, because they’re half FAKE. i’m actually growing them back in, something i haven’t had since the tenth grade… so that’s encouraging on the real eyebrows’ part.

      what is with people jacking cameras! the last time i saw mine, it was in my room, safe and sound where i always left it… on my dresser or my night table. then it was just, gone one day. i have no idea who could have done it either! the only picture on there was one of me and my friend eating really long spaghetti noodles. i hope the theives enjoyed THAT. did you lose many good photos?

      • You know, I was wondering if they were fake because they looked too perfect to be real, but at the same time they look so natural! I imagine after that many years of drawing them on, you get pretty good at it. I hate it when you can blatantly tell where somebody’s natural eyebrows stop and the drawn-on parts begin.

        I can’t believe somebody had the audacity to steal your camera from your own bedroom! What a jerk, whoever it was. And I’m sorry you lost your really long spaghetti noodle picture. Mine had all of my vacation photos on it from San Francisco, which was a really sad thing to lose. But it does make me extra-protective of the camera I have now. Nobody’s ever getting their filthy paws on this one!

        • haha, NOBODY has eyebrows that are naturally perfect like that. at least i have not had the pleasure of meeting them, and if i do, my world would be turned upside down. i’ve been drawing them on since i was 14… had them shaved for about a year at 16, and kept my half and half since. i’m growing them completely in now, i’m tired of this racket.

          my spaghetti photo pales in comparison to your trip pictures! what a shame! i guess you’ll just have to go again sometime 🙂 !!

          seriously, i am way careful now, i almost died when my boyfriend took it into the mosh pit with him at the show last night. a bunch of people had their eyes on it, just waiting for it to shatter in the tangle of limbs and bodies!

  2. Woah WOAH is that a poster of my OBSESSION in the background? When and where did you get that ::Alexa being a nosey floozy:: haha… anyhoo, you look ADORABLE darlin! I hope you’re feeling better!!!
    XOXOXO <3

    • your memory is lost already? remember we picked those up at the premier of dawn of the dead? they were sitting out on a table.. snatch! at least i think that was us..!!

      i am feeling a lot better, thanks!! my voice is still hideously scary though. rasp rasp!!

      • Oh my god… YOU’RE CHEATING ON ME! YOU HUSSY!! That wasn’t me! lol… I didn’t get a cool mini poster… ::cries::…how could you do this to me?! YOU TOLD ME YOU LOVED ME!!
        haha…ok I’m done being overly dramatic… well maybe not…

        I have the gigantic one from an actual theater! SO THERE! 😛 haha

        Even though you’re a cheating hussy… I’m glad you’re feeling a lot better! XOXO

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