Film Professors.

So. You know how you can look up your friends and fellow classmates on MySpace & Facebook & snicker at their photos? Well I have this habit of looking up my film professors on IMDB.

* One of them has worked on Tremors, Major League & Nightmare on Elm Street!
* One of them has a really sexy headshot! Yowza!
* One was an actress in the pilot episode of MacGyver & Pet Semetary II.
* One… never really did anything interesting.

Man, I wish I was cool/accomplished/pretentious enough to have IMDB as my Facebook.

So, here is a photo of Christina Aguilera sleazin’ up this cute dress I have. Homegirl must shop at Macy*s. Just look how cute she is, what with her fake tan, fake boobs, fake hair color… I found a picture of her ultrasound. Plastic, too! Stop fugging it up, Aguilera. You look ridiculous in… those shoes.

22 thoughts on “Film Professors.

  1. YES I saw the poster this morning sehgsdgbsgbsasafgvfg

    Only 2 people can pull off a new Willy Wonka.

    Tim Burton and Johnny Depp.

    I can’t wait for this.

    Candy is dandy…

    • He’s really good looking in person. When I took his class I was like, What’s up? Special treatment? Eh eh?

      Haha he’s a hairy werewolf man & you know it. Too bad he doesn’t have that hair on his head, not that I really care though. Bald is beautiful! I shoulda hooked it up, but there was too much competition in a class of 300.

      • Ahahaha! You know nothing of hairy werewolf men until you’ve dated a guy who is 1/2 lebanese, 1/2 Irish! Now thats hairy. YPBv2 is a total fuzzball!

        I’ve never had a hot professor. Soon, I hope. Soon.

  2. hehe! you can put yoursel fon there as son as you have done anything at all to any movie that’s on there! i added one of my friends who was in a crappy zombie porn 😀

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