film festival

hearing: crass – bata motel | feeling: satisfied

the MIHS film festival was friday, 3:30pm until NINE pm. the event had a great turnout to begin with, about a hundred fifty people or so. but the whimpy ones left half way through, and only the HxC film kids stayed for six and a half hours of film club madness. and goodness!

when i arrived with billie, we looked like a million bucks. i wore a lavender sparkling dress with fringe, a black feather boa, and cuban heel stockings. she insisted we sit together so we could make comments about the films. so after a bit of musical chairs, moving closer and closer to the front, we settled in for the long haul. but right before the films began, she moved with her boyfriend somewhere else and left me down front. nice!

stephanie was quick to snag that vacant seat, and was a trooper even after billie and her boyfriend had exited the building. like anyone there had anything better to do. honestly. they even gave out prizes for movie trivia. matty won a donald trump biography about the american dream.

the films were quite good, overall. you can tell which kids have the resources to make the films look “professional”, and which ones just used a vcr and wanted that “homegrown” look. my silent film won the people’s choice award and best actor for katty’s role as zelda. i got this neat little trophy with a body builder on it (the awards were called the ‘arnies’ in honor of arnold schwarzenegger).

dan’s film was called “the allen fallsworth project”. it was a 76 minute “documentary style” film having to do with “the digital future.” the plot was great, but i didn’t care for it much when i was watching it, honestly. but afterwards, i thought about it more. i really liked the characters and how attached you became to them.

yo. matthew has a livejournal now. expect death, decay, and utter mayhem.

gawd, only a month until my 18th birthday! (and the big bad voodoo daddy show); half a month til i move from festering drug infested merritt island, and next week is the graduation shindig at my place.

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