hearing: gwar – techno destructo | mood: none too excited

what a fiasco friday night! well, it ended up being a fun fiasco, i suppose. my sister invited me and matty to come with her to karaoke. it sounded like a bad idea, but we went anyways. it was in orlando, at this place called pretzels.

so we got there, and the age was 21+. and there was no karaoke. hideous. my sister was supposed to meet a couple guys there. they weren’t there yet, so she called one to tell him what’s going on. it turned into this awful situation including us sitting around waiting for the guy to call her back for 30 minutes. then, we got lost and ended up in a wannabe sizzler’s parking lot. my sister was talking to her date, so i turned on the radio and started dancing. dancing queen queen queen! i just wanted to be entertaining so her date wouldn’t ditch her. i was successful. the dancing leaked from the car to the parking lot. my 80’s moves were so great that a guy almost applauded when i did a finishing pose. almost. but hey, matty was overly excited!

we finally went to chili’s and ate dinner. i didn’t particularly like the guy too much, but i’m just overly picky. he kept making these unintelligent generalizations like “girls are untidy when it comes to organization” and another one i forgot. i was like, “uh, not all. i’m not.” and he’d say “you’re the exception”. ugh. how boring. we got lost on the way home, too. and i’m supposed to move there this summer. i’m doomed.

oh my! savannah found it way cool of her to drop my name around at the KAS show. what a treat; i feel so important, especially because her mental capabilities amounted to calling me “slut slut slut” and “stupid christian”. hrm. she’s jewish, and i don’t say anything about that. she claims to be a feminist, too. that angers me – how can i be a slut then? i’ve had the same boyfriend for two years. odd. maybe she just pretended to wield a bikini kill album to impress me, or something. to weasel her way in my band. who knows. i just didn’t know when i became so popular and cool for people to listen and talk about me! especially when i’m not even around! hah, she’s an idiot.

since our toothpick bridge was so shitty in physics, i wished for some nail glue. and sure enough, a girl in our group had some. (what are those chances? divine!) we secretly glued all the joints. when it dried, we smashed it with our hands, and it didn’t move. i have a feeling we’ll have to “de-glue” some of it so it’s not totally obvious we cheated. bah, too much of a good thing can be harmful, i suppose. at least to our grades!

today i went to walmart and fought the sunday morning crowds. i almost got into four accidents. everyone kept backing up right on top of me and changing lanes on me! it was so scary. but my van can take out any other car on the road anyday! any except those crazy SUV’s that are like, four miles tall. scary.

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