F-word Cliterature.

I finally picked up Female Chauvinist Pigs: Women and the Rise of Raunch Culture today because I got paid. If you recall, I posted the interview with the author I found in a magazine, Ariel Levy, a few months ago. I’ve read the intro so far and some of the first chapter and I know this book is going to be tough to read. Difficult to read because it reports some of the disgusting trends becoming acceptable and mainstream in our culture. I had to put it away a few minutes ago because it almost made me cry. One bite at a time and everything should be good… it just hits on such a personal level and includes some of the things I’ve had to deal with in the past couple years. Also, go pick up the current copy of Bitch Magazine, it has some really great articles is their 10th anniversary edition.

4 thoughts on “F-word Cliterature.

  1. Speaking of Limericks…

    I’ve ben kicking round te idea of starting an Irish rock band like thePogues/Flogging Molly.

    You play keyboard and accordian, so you came to mind automatically.


  2. brenna, i dedicate this to you:

    hey baby, i kinda always knew i’d end up your ex-girlfriend, ’cause i’m just a girl and it’s my life. so what if i love to bathe in your old bathwater on sunday morning? excuse me mr, but underneath it all, it’s new, it’s so new. so don’t speak, i want a simple kind of life, trapped in a box, not running in the spiderwebs, even though it’s hella good and i’d want to keep on dancing.

    god, i’m annoying.
    love you.

  3. GGW, Playboy, the overall commercialism of sex and the sex industry and how it’s come to define our modern culture. face it, gratuitous tits & ass are everywhere! this book is giving an insight to how prevelant it’s become.

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