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i know the updates have been few and far between. i’m not sure if it’s because i’m too busy lately, or just don’t have anything too interesting to write about. i have been listening to too much beegees and saying “boudoir” too often. anyway, much drama has been going on in the past 48 hours.

amy’s so-called best friend, shaun, left his livejournal logged in at our house. (every time he comes over, all he does is use amy’s computer, sleep here, eat here, and leave). so we posted a funny, joking post in his journal. since he is really homophobic, he blew it way out of proportion. he ended up calling amy and i bitches and all sorts of lovely, grown up phrases. he dumped amy as a friend (he never deserved her anyway). and to prove how “adult” he is, he got fired from his job, dumped the friends that were best to him, spent the little he money he had on kegs for a party, and rallied some of our so-called friends against us. ridiculous? i think so. after all, it was a joke. everyone seemed to get that except him and his “cronies” as he calls them. i don’t want to be friends with anyone who thinks they “own” me. i don’t want to be friends with anyone who lies, uses people, talks horribly about friends behind their backs, etc.

so, after he got angry at us, he calls to tell me a big party he and some friends were having was off. we thought that was pretty fishy. so i called mister elliot to see what he was up to for the evening, and he invited us to the party (that was supposedly cancelled?). what a lifesaver. i tapped shaun on the shoulder at the party and asked “why didn’t you tell us the party was back on?”

the party was full of frat boys and sorority gals and the kegs were disgusting bud light. elliot stood up to his best friend (whom he thought was acting rather foolishly), and told him his party was bullshit. he left to hang out with us. however, elliot was rather upset over this whole thing and how shaun was acting. shaun told elliot he had a job and money saved, and he knew it was lies. everything about shaun is a lie.

but! i had a great time with some new gals i met here through amy. i met jessica, who wants to play clarinet in my jazz band. i am stoked, of course.

this however, will not be putting a damper on THEE SHOW. and i will most definitely be getting my dance on. i’ll see you there. i’ll be the one in the hot leopard dress & heels. try not to swoon too noticeably.

every time i think i’m doing poorly in a class, and i start to sweat a little, the teacher gives a load of extra credit, and i skin by every time. i AM lady luck.

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