Diet Blather.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult for me to prepare and consume meats like chicken and pork. Tonight I prepared cornish game hens for the oven, and as I separated the wings, I just felt terrible about it. When I move to Asheville, I feel my diet will improve majorly, and will shift to mainly seafood, vegetables and tofu products. There is an amazing grocer called The Fresh Market in Asheville, which stocks mainly organic fruits & vegetables and has a large selection of free-range meats. I eat red meat only a few times a year (I gave it up in junior high); I cut out veal when I learned what it was, & slashed duck and goose products from my diet because of their treatment.

Now, I’m no PETA freak by any means, but I read an interesting article in a women’s magazine about the life expectancy of ladies around the world. Japan ranked first with a life expectancy of 86 years. They attribute it to all the fish they eat, as well as a balanced diet. FYI, the US ranks seventh with 80 years.

College is almost over so there is no excuse why I should be eating poorly. Give me a seafood paella any day of the week. I can cook like a pro (thanks, Mom!), so if it’ll add a few years to my life, I’m going to get on that! hearts;

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  1. I am totally behind you on this….I have been weaning myself off meat slowly but surely and at this point poultry is the only meat I consume and I try to be pretty sporadic about that. I’m glad you’re feeling the same way!

    p.s. I will surely be coming to your party, when is it exactly?

    • it’s august 4th @ 7pm
      2345 bacon ct
      merritt island

      i’ve invited billie and her mannn & virginia as well. matt will be there, too. feel free to bring anyone you’d like – the more the merrier!

    • Well i like it better than Whole Foods because it’s less like shopping at Publix and more like a local market. the lighting is cozy and they play real classical music! 🙂 and they sell Orangina!!!

  2. Pretty much the only meat I eat is seafood and occassionally chicken. When I make spagetti I use tofurkey in my sauce and it’s good. Oh yeah and tofu sausage patties are good too.

  3. Grr me Eat all the meat mmm but then again I need it for working out plus i dont intend to die Im going to space and going to stumble upon the mircale of cheese grown on the moon lol

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