Decor Again

This week is sort of an empty week; I’m waiting for the rest of my class to catch up in their flying events. This is good news because I’m eyeing a trip to Dallas this upcoming weekend!

I’m selling and giving away a lot of things from around the house in preparation of “paring down” for the move up to Minot, ND. My apartments in the past have had a funky, artistic feel to them, including a lot of unique trinkets to give it a comfortable, creative feel. I’m doing a 180 from that, looking for minimalist decor with rich, beautiful details. I’ve also ramped up my 8″x10″ collections of 1930s Hollywood stars, and have decided I will have a “great wall” in my new home: a wall completely covered in framed stars. It’s rather easy to do – I just downloaded photos I liked from Doctor Macro‘s site, had them printed out at Office Max on photo paper, and found cheap black frames at Target (less than $3 for twenty three prints, frames at $6 each). I also purchased this fabulous mirror from ZGallerie, and deco eagle book ends from eBay. Craig’s List and eBay have been my seller’s friend this week!

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