A lot of bad stuff has happened this week.

Thursday, I got a call from my father informing me that my Aunt Tina had hung herself in the bathroom. She was 41 and was mentally unstable. My uncle had to call her every couple hours during the day because of her previous suicide attempts, and this time he didn’t get an answer. He rushed home to find her little dog pacing the door with water flooding the floor; he forced open the door and found her there. Tonight I went to my aunt’s wake, and tomorrow is the funeral.

In other fantastic news, I got my car towed Thursday night, and had to make my way down OBT (the biggest crack ghetto in Orlando) to bail my car out for $100… cash. The tow place was next to “Topless-a-go-go” if that paints a fine picture of the area for you… Although, I did go see Mustard Plug before that, which really cheered me up. But that was the most expensive downtown parking ever. Needless to say I’ll never park downtown again. This week alone, in expenses relating to my car, it was over $205.

My sister is in the army reserves. She’s getting sent to Iraq. She’ll be gone 18 months and won’t see her daughter for all of that time, save 3 weeks. Hannah is two now. When my sister gets back, she’ll be almost 4. My sister has one and a half semesters left before she gets her degree, and now she’ll have to wait all that time to finish school.

I have so much homework today, but I don’t want to start on it right now. It’s too late.

5 thoughts on “Crap.

  1. oh my 🙁 i am very sorry to hear of all the news, the car issue being a definite annoyance, but i cannot believe what happened with your aunt, & what will happen with britt? my other friend’s brother is going to fallujah in like a week…but i don’t understand why they are sending brittany….

  2. i’m sorry to hear about everything that happened 🙁 call if you need to hang out/vent. i haven’t even started on that shyte for the meeting (is it tuesday for sure??) and i have an assload of homework.

  3. I’m so sorry to hear about all of this. It sounds like you’re holding together better than I would be, so that’s quite admirable. I hope things start looking up soon for you & your family.

    And best of luck to your sister. My aunt is in Iraq, too.

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