Counting the Days

ADEPT.Early this month, Mass Effect 3 was released for XBOX 360. Now, Mass Effect is pretty much one of my favorite video game franchises, and I’ve been looking forward to each of the three releases for a very long time. The final installment of the game! In Guam, we are a day ahead of everyone else, so I technically picked up my game a day earlier than everyone else. That being said, I flew a 19 hour mission the day after its release, so I had little time to play it the first day. By the weekend, I had completed the story. I was a little surprised at the short length of the game; the other two were 40 hour or so games. This one I completed in about 26 hours. But, all this what it is, the Mass Effect games are over. Say it ain’t so! I will most definitely miss Commander Shepard, as Larry will also miss the time he gets to himself while I play these games. Oddly enough, he missed both the epic releases of Skyrim & Mass Effect 2/3, so he might be able to have some attention upon my return home. Maybe.

COMBAT SLIPPERS. — I am very close to my time to return home, as I mentioned, and it’s only a few short weeks away. I have been informed I’ll be riding the commercial troop transport back home, instead of the B-52. This means I can sleep, wash my face, use a sit-down toilet, and wear slippers on the long journey. When I was flying commercial up to Red Flag Alaska last August for that multi-national air exercise, upon takeoff, I slipped out of my combat boots and into some fuzzy slippers. That’s how I roll.

Larry is catching a plane from Baltimore to Minot today for his return home. He gets to go to the neatest places to stay overnight or longer. Like, actual cities. I joined the Air Force to travel, but I’m doomed to bounce back and forth between North Dakota and Louisiana my entire career, err, however long I choose to stay. Kind of a let down. But nonetheless, Larry is going to be home and visiting his family soon. I’ll be right on his heels, rolling in the first week of April. The commander mentioned there are “reintegration briefings” for the spouses to attend to “get used” to living with their husbands again. I guess people have real problems with it. I know it’s always go and leave with Larry and I, having only spent a few months under one roof in the past three years. Amie says her fiance (who also works in our squadron) and Larry should go to the briefings together and be the only two military dude spouses. Reintegration… after four months? That’s the time the men here have been away from their wives, it was nine for me and my husband. We’re just like… whatever. It’s the military. Get over it.

FIVE K. — Yesterday I ran my first public 5k. The only question I have is: “Do people usually do this for fun?” It’s Guam’s largest 5k, with over 2,700 participants. The fastest runner clocked in at 16 minutes. I clocked in at about 30:00.

SHOP. — As I am looking forward to heading home (but definitely not to all the exercises my squadron will be running non-stop until July), I have begun shopping for a few new things for the cruise Larry and I are taking in late August. The blue dress is Heartbreaker Fashion, a retro mother & daughter owned shop that makes their clothing in-house. I’ve been buying from them for years – the clothes have been high on my fashion list, even though their prices seem to be going for high-fashion these days. Bummer! But the Ray Bans are a light mint color with super retro round frames.

And these two dresses just seem very European to me, or at least would be at home on a cruise ship. I haven’t had a chance to try these on, but when I get home they’ll be waiting for me. It’s usually very hit or miss with me and online shopping. I guess you go with a brand that suits your body type and stick with it, but we’ll see how it goes!

LADYATORS. — Yesterday, Amie and I were sitting on the couch, cross-legged, me painting my nails and she combing her hair. There was an issue of Cosmo next to her, and Glamour next to me. Fairly stereotypical ladies’ day, right? Well, we were watching a NOVA special safety report show on the French Airbus A330 crash. “Oh, an iced-over pitot tube. That’ll do it.” “Glad our B-52’s don’t have a glass cockpit” (glass meaning a LOT of computer control. We have old-style round dials.) Our B-52 pilots are the best pilots in the world. There’s no computer interference with takeoffs or landings, and the autopilot is notoriously always broken.

Lastly, can I get a hell yes for the Mad Men premiere on the 25th? The music and fashion are getting corny, but the characters have my attention! Team Betty! Who are your favorite characters & why?

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