well i went to my grandmas little get together at her house, and my cousin was there. we talked and then left to meet her friend at longhorn. i saw shuttles lady there! she was a friend of one of the ladies sitting at our table! she sat with us and everything; it was sooo exciting! she said she quit there and called the owner/manager a fat bastard. right-o!

on the way in to eat, i saw jay coming out and head to kmart for car club. i waved, but he didn’t see me. o_0 so after that, my parents weren’t home yet, so my cousin took me to new way, and jay was in his car leaving!! he was going to applebees and said i could come with him. when we were driving down the road, his friends called him and said they were leaving for racing early, so he didn’t have time to eat OR take me home! i called matty to rescue me, but he wasn’t home. but jay was so cool and nice and took me home! wowies! and i’m seeing GWAR tomorrow night at the house of blues!!!

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