holy dingo squat.

i’m wearing spurs.

what my hair was doing underneath the whole time. HELMET HAIR.

ears i picked up. i love the pink!

matty and i met lou ferrigno, and matt got an autograph while i snapped a picture. it’s on what they call film cameras… odd.

the costume contest was totally rigged; the judges were trendy assholes with a knowledge of nothing but mainstream shit comics like the teen titans. at least 7 costumes were teen titans. and there were three punishers and two poison ivy’s. but only one tank girl. there was also elastigirl that sewed her own red vinyl outfit. she looked just like her, same hair and face. she should have won. boo.

bought the cute n’ cuddly alien chestburster plush; it’s been on my list for a while. matty bought a wampa figure, a lord of darkness figure, some arsenic lullaby comics (which we got signed with a sketch!), some other crap that i forgot, and pocky.

a guy there was selling fetish and porno magazines. go figure. but i did want the issue with emily marilyn on the cover. boo, didn’t have any money. the guy also offered me sex toys and bondage gear. hmm. i thought i went to that con a few months ago.

lastly, nobody was hellboy. i was really disappointed.

somebody asked me to do a financial breakdown.

Stuff I had to Buy
Various fabrics: $8
Helmet: $20
Spandex shorts: $4
Jean shorts: $13
Arm warmers: $9
Gloves: $2
Socks: $13
Feathers: $2
Assorted pins: $5
Australia patch: $3
Gun holster: $5
Glue: $3
TANK belt buckle: $14
Belt: $12
Cigar pouch: $3
Cigar: $2
Sock garters: $16
Kangaroo scrotum pouch: $8
Assorted stickers: $6
Cross earring: $2
Acrylic paints: $35
Round medallion: $1
Snaps: $2
Spray paint: $2
Ink cartriges: $60
Iron on transfers: $15
Tank top: $3


Stuff I already had:
Boots: $95
Various utility straps: $6
Cola can
Hoop earring
Spiked bracelet: $7
Nintendo gun
Brown leather bracelet
Spurs: $45
Welding goggles: $25
Bra: $35

$213 in stuff I already owned.

and don’t forget the sewing and all the supplies involved like x-acto blades, paintbrushes, and drill tools.

$481 in total supplies, if I had bought everything new. Doesn’t seem like that much when you’re wearing it.

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  1. I am not a stalked, don’t worry hah.
    I went to MegaCon and just posted some pics, a friend told me that the Tank Girl in my pic is you so I’m dropping by.

    Here is the pic I took:

    I love Tank Girl and think you did a great job.
    Also, my friend was one of the Teen Titans lol.

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