hearing: white zombie – thrust! | mood: wat.

done with exams! done with school! in celebration, i decided to wash and do all that nice stuff to my car. whilst doing so, a couple shuffled around the corner. they looked about their late twenties. the girl had short, bleached hair all dolly-like, and the guy had greaser black hair. they asked how the rockabilly scene was around here… and i said simply “there isn’t.” they asked about the punk scene, the goth scene, the emo scene…

“yes, a big emo scene. basically? all we have. but, it’s made up mostly of really young kids, say, fourteen to sixteen, looking for a place to fit in.” they had moved to the states recently from greece, and were looking for a gothabilly scene. that would be heavenly, but alas, not here. i told them orlando was a bit more diverse. they liked my car. that made me happy. but what made me happier was that, for the longest time ever, i had imagined that a really cool girl named zoe would want to be my friend. the girl’s name was zoe, and the guy’s name was joe. how cute.

the moon. isn’t it bright?

my mom is complaining about how awful florida is. it really is. but i could live somewhere really boring, like say, idaho.

last night jay, chris, matt, and i hung out. matt hung christmas lights for his mother at their house while me and jay and chris made fun and uh… “supervised”. chris played practiced pyrotechnics with the tiki torch. i made a gondola using a wheelbarrow and a garden rake. he thought he was painfully clever with the light up christmas reindeer.

so not cute at all. matt’s mother was looking on in disgust. yes, i think that’s what that was.

later, jay and matt got creative with the hair clippers, and he ended up with a crazy white boy haircut. it was shaved completely in the back and had shaved lines on the sides. definitely not avant garde. but entertaining, nonetheless.

after that escapade, we met joe and kira and joe’s friend matt at the olive garden. joe used to be among my best of friends about three years ago. now i hardly talk to him. i didn’t want to go at all, really, because i had just eaten at olive garden two days ago. and besides, i just didn’t feel like socializing all that much. but. i went. aren’t i a nice person.

jay and chris are waiting for joe and i convinced everyone to move it on into the dining room. it was just tacky to sit out front for an hour, yanno. but that went fine, and joe wasn’t as scary as i thought he’d be. actually kind of nice. but, of course, being that the girls were outnumbered five to two, the conversation turned toward strippers and bars. blech. why is it that if you’re going to a nice, civil restaurant, one has to bring up sleazy conversation? but it was a nice time, overall. it’s great to see joe and kira making plans to get married. they seem happy.

today i got up extra early to get enrolled in college classes. today was the last chance i had to do so, before leaving for vacation and all. i had to wait an hour and a half for four people to finish with the counselor. my problem took five minutes. it made me late for work. i wasn’t amused.

i haven’t been to a show in forever. why can’t there be some good shows around here worth spending the gas to go to? i’m tired of boring crapass shows with boring crapass bands. i want excitement! pizazz! a place to be sociable! a place to flaunt style and glamour! i want gwar to come back again. i mean, i’m even having dreams about them. not too glamourous, however. but very stylish.

“you think you’re sooo cool cuz you can pee with your penis!”

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