clothing conundrum.

today i was all excited because my new pants came in the mail! i had to try them on yet. see the thing is: different clothing companies think 32″ is either a 30 or a 34…so you always lose anyway when you order pants online. some stupid mini bike is going past my window. anyways. so i put them on, they fit in the hips nice, but the inseam doesn’t reach where it should and the butt is way too big. i know that. i made the mistake of showing my parents and they’re like “when is that ugly style going to go out?” and i’m like “umm i’ve been wearing this since 7th grade??” and they’re like “they’re too big! and ugly! why can’t you just wear something that fits you?! send them back!!” why couldn’t they just say “why don’t you try the next size smaller? nooo they have to be all mean about it.

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