click click boom.

it’s 7pm, friday night, my make up is done, i’m ready to go. or so i thought. i was painfully wrong. i told john i was going to pick him up, which is usually fine, and i thought maybe we could get something to eat and hang around the mall. well, i told my parents that and they’re like “we don’t know this kid” and “we haven’t met him.” which isn’t an issue usually. they then said “you can’t go on dates if we don’t meet them first”, like i’m getting married (note to self – elope in vegas). i said “oh, it’s definitely not a date” and they’re like “how do we know” and i’m like “because he’s gay.” and my dad flipped out and said i looked ugly in the outfit i was wearing and said i shouldn’t be friends with those types of people and why can’t i pick normal kids to be friends with, etc. and my mom’s like “well, it’s not that big of a deal..” and he’s like, “yes, why does she choose to hang out with people like that?” i said because we get along well and i don’t have to worry about anything happening.

i hate trying to be pretty, i hate trying to be ugly. no one appreciates it anyways. i have no knight in shining armor, i have no one. why can’t i stop pretending someone cares about me? i hate anyone that pretends they do.

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