Christmas 06.

As you all know, I went to North Carolina to visit my parents for Christmas again this year. My father’s side of the family came up to stay for four days. Between my grandma’s martini-induced “good ol’ Chicago and Miami Beach” rants, we adults spelling “dirty words” (apparently n-u-t-s is a bad word in reference to b-a-l-l-s) in front of my ten year old cousin (because he can’t spell?) and other typical family shennanigans, we did visit some. Nobody actually asked what I was up to in college or at work. Such is life.

Bird tracks in the snow. Junco tracks to be exact. Hop hop hop!

The view from a restaurant on top of the mountain.

Mon pere et moi.

Ma mere et moi. Don’t laugh, I’d had a few martinis. We’re twins, duh.

I got 24v power tools from mes parents. These ain’t yer daddy’s tools. These are contractor grade. You best recognize. I used them all already to build my mother a fancy window seat / storage bin for one of her rental rooms.

The strangest thing happened at Christmas Eve services (no, not the fact that I went to a service, asses). The pastor was speaking about how that if you center your life and pour your everything into one person or thing, if that changes or goes away, you have to re-center your life and re-discover a center. From now on, I will be place my resources in becoming the best, creative and caring person that I can be. And hey, if that special someone comes along, I know from experience that if they truly are the one for me, they will not treat me poorly the way I have been treated previously.

I just downloaded the entire Eine kleine Nachtmusik Serenade in G major from iTunes with this fabulous gift card my grandparents got me. Don’t mess. My gparents were pretty kickass this year – they got me the iTunes card & a birdcage print bed spread from Urban Outfitters. Hello, awesome!

I got home this morning at six ay em. Nobody is free today, seems les centres du body mods are eating all my friends! Such is life. It’s okay though, I still managed to put off unpacking.

PandoraLydia: Brenna, next year i wish for both of us to have better boyfriends who deserve us
Poseur1039: I don’t know if i’ll find one worth it in a year? Sure is slim pickin’s around here.
Poseur1039: … but not the actor, lawl!

Bitch is on the loose & she needs a bang trim.

That is all.

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  1. Slim Pickens, FTW!
    Soo, a few things…
    1) LOVE your hair.
    2) LOVE power tools. I miss them (Built a barn once. Best summer evar.).
    3) LOVE hoppity birds. They just seem so cheery!

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