hearing: bjork – venus as a boy | mood: relaxed

i took care of the debts i owed. i made an a in humanities.

well! things are looking better, aren’t they? but then again, things in my life seem so trivial compared to others. i really shouldn’t make a big deal about anything. plus, it makes it seem like the end of the world, every day; all day. kind of like silent films. if you’ve seen one, you know what i’m talking about… or not talking about. ahem. the woman in this picture is god.

ast night, to celebrate my a in my college course, matty took me to eat at chili’s. the only drawback is my current mood swings. i’m happy when i should be sad, and sad when i should be happy. everything’s all messed up. i get mad at people for no reason, really. while i was getting ready, i got stuck in my sweater and pretended a space alien with slimy tentacles (aka sleeves) was eating me, complete with sound effects. i, uh, have a bruise now. anyways, the dinner was delightful, and i enjoyed the evening overall.

today was a free for all sort of day at school. we had a substitute in web design, a test in physics, and watched a movie in english. in economics, i had to give a report in front of the class on the auto industry. it was okay, except i stuttered majorly. i get nervous in front of crowds. it was scary. however, english was fun because me and katty wandered around the school “making copies” of papers. anything but go to class. behold, matty getting out of his dad’s snazzy buick at school.

i wore my black ruffly doll skirt and stripey tights today. after school, i went to the quikie mart to buy money orders, and a scary looking redneck guy said that my outfit was “certainly unusual”. it made me smile. but he was the one with the mullet and “america’s most wanted” shirt.

when will i get to swing dance again?

“if it’s naughty to lose your lip, shake your shoulders, shake your hips. let a lady confess i wanna be bad.” -betty boop

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