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OLD SCHOOL.I find it awesome that someone is browsing my blog using Netscape. I loved Netscape back in the day! I first configured my web pages for it, & who gives a crap about Internet Explorer! This person’s bringin’ Netscape back… yeah… the other browsers don’t know how to act… yeah.

FAREWELL, FRIEND. — My little dachshund Rocko passed away into doggie heaven last week. But, honestly, knowing this firecracker of a hund, he might be in doggie purgatory. Aw, poor little guy. My mom said he had a full day of lounging in the sun the day before he died. He died in his sleep, mostly from old age – he was an astounding sixteen (three months shy of seventeen) years old. As Larry put it in a kind e-mail he wrote:

“He did have a full life. So many dog years that I cant even count em all… a wunderhund!”

It’s a sobering day when you stop and think; your have-to-do’s are more numerous than your want-to-do’s. Perhaps that’s what becoming an adult is all about.

INTOURESTING. — The aircraft tours have been many lately! First, I gave a B-52 tour to two four-star generals; one is commander of Air Force Space Command, and the other commander of Air Force Pacific Forces. In addition to these two gentlemen, there were about half a dozen one-star generals and a smattering of colonels. Talk about a nest of important people – perfection was expected! Next, I gave a tour to ten NFL pro-cheerleaders. Because Justice Sotomayer stepped off her jet here to an all-male group and exclaimed, “What, no women?”, the commander made the decision to diversify the groups from now on… beginning with NFL cheerleaders. Thaaaanks! They were very nice, though. Their shirts said “I ♥ Troops!” but their shirts were stretched so tight it read, “I ♥ Trooooooops”.

So I think it’s time to send Amie and I home – we are starting to become the pranksters of the squadron. I can’t go into too many details on this blog (I know people from the squadron read it: wouldn’t want to give away all the secrets), but last weekend we put rubber bands on all the sprayers on the kitchen sinks. Surprise! I wonder how many housekeepers got pranked instead…

GOLF. — I went golfing for the second time in my life. It was pretty awful. I kept forgetting we had a cart and chasing my ball down on foot – literally. Who need golf shoes when the green is so soft beneath your feet? I know you may find this surprising, but I’m not very good at sports. I’m decent enough at volleyball, and pretty good at competitive swimming. But sports in general? I’m more of an arts and books kind of gal. I had a good time tearing up the green and playing golf cart Tokyo drift, and as the golf course wound around by my house at the 10th hole, I vanished. Well, I am off to the beach. Happy Super Bowl, and all that jazz…

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