i am school shopping like a mad woman. i just ordered yet another dress. but mom said she’d pay for half. it’s lovely, as soon as it arrives i’ll post pictures. not like you care. but for the sake of preserving my vanity, i shall post.

i went to vans warped tour on its orlando stop. i had gone the past few years, so i thought i’d continue the tradition. i convinced matt to go, so we picked up stephanie and went. instead of being held at the fairgrounds like every other year, they had it at the race track. it was such a load of ass, they had a two foot wide ramp that everyone had to go over to get to the places where some of the stages were set up. it was $3 for water. there were so many teenies i thought i was going to puke. all their rhinestone mxpx and new found glory shirts. and i saw so many hot topic ramones shirts.

bleh, maybe i’m just angry because the only good bands there were the eyeliners and tiger army. everyone was like “woah! the casualties! kickass!” well, stephanie walked up and asked for an autograph or to talk to them or something, and they said “uh, no.. later,” or something equally as intelligent. and walked to his semi so his spikes wouldn’t get wet from the rain. now ask WHY i don’t like the casualties? like someone i forgot said: “i wonder what their songs would be about if they didn’t write about spiking their hair and drinking beer.” yeah, i wonder too. lame.

so i ventured up to the eyeliners booth around noon and got them to autograph a patch to me. very nice girls! i think i look like the bassist.. at least i hope so! tiger army was wondrous, even though the bass player looked like anthony hopkins and the guitarist looked like john travolta. weird. right before, it rained like mad, and after tiger army it was cold and boring. if they’re going to charge you $33 bucks, then five more for parking, the show and venue had better be damn good. i’m not going next year if the lineup isn’t better. and i’m not going if every mainstream rock station is sponsoring it. ugh. they wouldn’t even give us water.

last year i saw less than jake, rancid, and countless other good bands. it was worth the $28 i had paid. the fairgrounds were sunny and grassy and roomy. that, i would repeat. but this year was pathetic.

yeah, so my friend kayla is back from france. she’s moved over here for good, i believe. she’s brought her fiance, who is french, with her. he’s going to help move her into her apartment and get her enrolled in the community college. we went to see “goldmember” yesterday, then went to b&n for a frappuccino. we laughed about dirty french words. saying them loudly made him blush.

today i went to matty’s to hang out for a while, and taught him a song. after that i went to jake’s for band practice. we worked on the new song that i had just finished teaching matt. hopefully there’ll be another practice before school starts. i drove home just in time to miss the crazy, scary storm. regarde mon photo.

senior pictures are tuesday. i’m dying my hair tuesday night and cutting my bangs short again. wednesday is me and stephanie’s display of vanity. thursday school starts. oh my, when am i supposed to go shopping? maybe tomorrow. yes, because tomorrow is my day off. somebody send me money. an e-mail will suffice in the event of bankruptcy. ciao.

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