catty kat

a somewhat good day, very good. a bit on the wholesome side. (yeah right).

school was all right, i skipped volleyball class (with a note) to work on the video for french class in tv productions. nick abt and ronnie valares were in there working on the senior video. but they didn’t mind us three girls in there. not a bit. it was actually pretty embarrassing – i mean i was dressed up as a man in the movie…a FRENCH man even. *blush*

yeah so today i avoided everyone i don’t like. as much as i could anyways. matt has proven himself wonderful for the time being, and things are back on track again. swing dancing was tonight, and we learned a new move. two, actually. one is a variation of the hurl (i mean toss). the guy lifts the girl, she lands on his knee with her shins, and then bounces to the finish. crazy! yeah, matt busted my ass on the floor. so i kicked him in the face. what love.

tomorrow is eighteen months for us! everyone celebrate with me!

speaking of, thank you for sending me much-needed emails and pictures! thank you vanessa, claire, and david. i love to know that people love my site…i mean me! 🙂 oh ya, and i sent claire the same email twice and she still hasn’t got it yet. i wonder if she has a filter…

so, in closing, i still hate you. but i love the wonderful kiddos that sent me mail. see how much i appreciate it? oh…psst! i am workin on a new layout! i have no set date for its appearance…so it’ll just be a suprise. maybe this summer.

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