Casual Status & Bathing Suits.

So I am at Randolph Air Force Base now, in San Antonio, Texas. I bought a new Apple today because I received a call from my Mac repair people that my current laptop (Powerbook 17″) would need $1200+ in repairs. I drove my happy ass down to the Apple store and bought a MacBook for a couple hundred more. New job, new computer. It works.

I reported into my base today around eight. When I took my paperwork out of a folder on the table, Dicks’ was underneath. Thanks. Really needed that… Anyway, since I’m technically on “casual status,” meaning they don’t have anything for us to actually do while we are waiting to go to flight school, they gave a checklist of all the crap on base (paperwork) to keep us busy. Additionally, they said absolutely no leave requests will be approved while in flight school. Well, you know I don’t take no for an answer, and asked about if I was leaving to commission someone. “Oh yes, I imagine that’d be approved no problem.” Only one more month…

Holla. Once again, rules? There are ways.

My first day of real work as an Ell Tee!

The other day I thoroughly enjoyed Bathing Beauty featuring Esther Williams and Red Skelton. Musical guests Xavier Cugat and Harry James. I got a five-film TCM collection of her, and also a six-film Carmen Miranda set. Lots to do in casual status, people. Lots to do. I worked out for an hour and a half today. Gotta get hot again before November first…

I am staying at the hotel on base right now, and tomorrow I find out whether I am stuck living on-base in the dorms, or if I get to live off-base in a quaint little place around here (somewhere). Wish me luck.

A couple guys that will be in my navigation classes were talking about how if they are dropped from training, they will be able to pick out five jobs they might want in the Air Force. They are both hoping to bail out in training because they don’t care about being navigators. Me? I’m in love with the idea of being a rated officer. I wonder how many people will wash out… I am a little wary; hope I can make it… The less people in the class, the less competition for C-130’s and that Germany slot…

In Dallas the other day, I bought myself some non-polarized sunglasses for flight training. Picked up Dicks a pair, too, as a graduation present. They’re Oliver Peoples. [ Hers | His ] The sales lady who owned the store was German or something: She’d put a pair of glasses on me, and either shriek in disapproval or nod approvingly. Le science of the face, for sure. I showed her a photo of Dicks and she marched right over to a snagworthy pair. Sold. The pair I got are titanium and handmade. The other pair adjusts its shading when the light changes. The shopping in Dallas is amazing, by the way. The mall here in San Antonio isn’t bad either, thank god. The only thing I really need is a heavy winter coat for Colorado to go with my new leather gloves.

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  1. How was the drive from Dallas to San Antonio? The roads down here drive me up the wall, all the “loops” and “CR’s”. It’s actually a good thing I don’t get out much, otherwise, I’d probably go mad.
    Hot sunglasses, by the way.

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