Cajun Invasion

GYPSY. I’ve traveled 1,700 miles and I am finally settled into my new home in Louisiana! It has been quite the busy last couple of weeks… but the hard work has paid off. On my trip down, I stopped in Sioux Falls, South Dakota to stay in a Bed & Breakfast. The second night I stayed in Joplin, Missouri. The leaves were blazing red and orange all the way South.

Upon rolling into Shreveport, I found a lovely home in a friendly, safe neighborhood… only after looking at about six overpriced roach motels with another rental company. The first place I looked at in the afternoon with the next rental company (much disheartened by this point), I took a quick tour of the house. I told the realtor “Where do I sign?” just a few minutes after walking in the door. It’s perfect!

People in this housing development actually just stand outside and talk to each other in their front yards. I’ve already met all my neighbors, and even spent Thanksgiving with a friendly one, Alison, from across the street. Her husband worked on Thanksgiving, and my plans were a frozen burrito and a bottle of wine. Spending it with new friends is, indeed, more baller. Here is the living room before and after. With a dog.

HANDYLADY. Since moving into my rental home with Otto, I have taken down eight ugly light fixtures and/or ceiling fans, rewired better lighting fixtures to match my decor, installed eight dimmer switches, re-wired the dryer for a 4-prong plug, installed under cabinet lighting, repainted the kitchen, and took the water regulator out of my shower head. & did I mention I unpacked everything in about three days? The picture above is day three. I will have to post a lovely photo of my media room/office because I love the way it turned out. All my paintings finally have a place to hang, and I have my SNES, N64, and XBOX all hooked up, organized, and ready for play. I calibrated my turntable today and listened to some xmess rekkids. I love the cover of this one…

Larry arrives on Thursday, and I have a huge surprise for him (and you all, too!) I have to keep it off the blog in case someone sees the surprise and lets it slip! I am usually SO terrible at keeping surprises under wraps (get it? Christmas wraps?). If a gift I’ve ordered for Larry comes in the mail I’m like OMG A GIFT OPEN IT QUICK! “But my birthday’s not for two weeks!” OMG OPEN IT! WAT IS IT???

My parents are visiting for Christmas, and their best friend in Dallas, which is less than three hours away, is jetting over, as well. I am a REAL grown up now, and have a guest room (and the awesome media room has a pull out sofa!), so no one has to sleep on a crappy old air mattress (aka, glorified and more expensive pool float). Steph, I am looking at YOU to come visit … and end up moving to Texas again…

In celebration of Black Friday, I stayed inside, made vegan banana bread, & ordered air filters, Christmas cards, and specialty coffee on Amazon. I also snagged a bunch of jazz Christmas music from YouTube. If anyone wants to do a music exchange, comment with your e-mail! Oh, and is anyone else doing the Reddit Secret Santa this year?

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